"A successful space is one that generates conversation."

The firm specializes in bespoke interiors, furniture, and accessories for both commercial and residential clients. Veronica Mishaan leads a team of in-house architects, industrial designers, and project managers who work between New York City and Bogota. The firm’s presence in both cities allows for streamlined collaboration between the two hubs. From a boutique hotel in Cartagena, Colombia’s historic district to a high-end residential building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn — we apply a full-spectrum approach to every project, anywhere in the world. Veronica has been recognized as one of the top designers in her native country Colombia by the local renowned design magazine AXXIS, has been published in Vogue Latin America, as well as included in Elle Décor’s biggest design trends from around the world.


Veronica’s unique aesthetic grew from a passion for oil painting that began at an early age. She perceives design as a canvas that layers details, textures, colors, and geometry to create depth and harmony. While each project feels distinct, Veronica Mishaan’s spaces are always characterized by rich materials and statement layouts. Veronica takes inspiration from ‘80s design notions: a dynamic mix of materials, colors, curves, and a touch of romanticism. But it is the tendency to infuse custom pieces with classic design from around the world that sets the signature Mishaan style apart. This is attributed to her immersion with Colombian artisans and her experience in New York. The firm fuses a focus on artistry and quality craftsmanship with a belief in transparency and customer satisfaction.