For Veronica Mishaan, the success of a space is determined by the richness of the materials that exist within that space, and the conversation it sparks. The 30-year-old economist-turned-designer, now running an interior design firm for which she is the namesake, takes inspiration from ‘80s design notions, a rich mix of materials and colors, geometric, curvy shapes, and a touch of romanticism. But it is the tendency to mix custom-made details with classic designs from around the world that sets the signature Mishaan style apart from the rest.

Nearby Cartagena’s historic downtown, Hotel Capellán Getsemaní is no exception. The Mishaan firm’s recent renovation of the upscale boutique hotel, complete with 30 unique rooms, a sophisticated restaurant, and a swanky pool and lobby, presents a collection of bespoke design pieces mixed with lush textures and materials set on a palette of cool tones.

Using a wide selection of traditional materials including oak, wicker, raffia, rattan, silk, linen, bronze, marble and even some banana leaf, the aim of the renovation was to recapture the feeling of “old Cartagena” in a space that had previously experienced a very modern revamp. Avoiding any notion of vintage or outdated pieces, the de-modernization of the space resulted in a comfortable yet glamorous haven rich with materials, pastels, and plush, tropical Cartagena vibes.